Missouri Timeshare Cancellation Laws

If you purchased a timeshare contract in Missouri, you may feel as though you’ve been swindled. Cancel your timeshare contract. You don’t need to subject yourself to continuously harassing calls for upgrades. You don’t need to keep paying for services that you rarely use. You don’t need to cringe each time you see a charge being made to your bank account to pay fees that you never agreed to pay. Take action by calling Timeshare Compliance. We will help you cancel your timeshare contract.


To cancel your timeshare in Missouri, our experts at Timeshare Compliance rely on Missouri law. The laws pertaining to timeshares are found at the links we attach below.


Cancel Your Timeshare



Section 407.600 begins the chapters that pertain to Timeshare, specifically.



At Timeshare Compliance, we know those rules and regulations intimately, and our team of professionals will rely upon those Missouri laws to cancel your timeshare contract.


Missouri protects its residents against fraudulent misrepresentations and unethical sales practices. Timeshare Compliance knows how to cancel your timeshare contract. In some cases we can work to get our clients a full refund.


  • If the timeshare developer lured you into a presentation with prizes and gifts, that timeshare developer is on weak ground.
  • If the timeshare developer promised you access to a timeshare that didn’t live up to your expectations, we can build a case to cancel your timeshare contract.
  • If the timeshare developer offered some type of sweepstakes or drawings, we’re going to use all unethical tactics that manipulated you into signing an agreement as a bludgeon to cancel your timeshare contract with the developer.


To begin the process, please call our Timeshare Compliance at 1-800-705-6856. Our specialists will gather the information and documentation we need to begin. Missouri law prohibits deceptive practices. Yet salespeople who work in the timeshare industry routinely use deception and fraud to coax people into signing contracts. They make false promises, they misrepresent, and they conceal facts in connection with a timeshare promotion or advertisements. Those tactics are fatal because they violate the law in Missouri. We use that information on behalf of our clients to cancel timeshare contracts.


After our specialists gather the information, one of our senior analysts will contact you for a free assessment of your case. We will then come to an agreement on strategy, and start unweaving the contract that has burdened you for far too long. Rely on the experts at Timeshare Compliance to cancel your timeshare contract.

85% Of All Timeshare Buyers Regret their timeshare purchase citing reasons like money, fear, confusion, intimidation, and distrust. Are you one of them?

We can help you eliminate your timeshare and possibly save you thousands in the process.

Were you misrepresented by your developer?

Are your Maintenance Fees constantly increasing?

Were you pressured into your timeshare contract?

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