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How does a InnSeason Resorts Timeshare Exit work?

Getting rid of your InnSeason Resorts timeshare

The term “timeshare exit” has gained popularity within the timeshare industry as individuals seek to transition out of their timeshare ownership. Simply put, a timeshare exit refers to any method an owner can use to transition out of their timeshare and release themselves from ownership responsibilities, maintenance fees and timeshare mortgages. But how exactly do timeshare exits function, and are there trustworthy companies similar to our available to assist with a responsible exit from ownership?


In recent years, the term “exit” has evolved into a broad term used for owners seeking to sell, deed back, return, or even have their resort repurchase their timeshare. Our role as a timeshare exit advocacy group is to spell out theses differences, warn timeshare owners of mis-representations and scams within the timeshare industry and to be cautious when searching for a secure and dependable way to move on from a timeshare.

What is a Timeshare Exit company?

Timeshare Compliance is a timeshare exit company that offers to assist owners in terminating their timeshare contracts. Companies like ours are independent entities that may hire individuals with prior experience in the timeshare industry to help owners successfully exit their agreements. We provide an exit solution when all other possible resolution options have been exhausted by the timeshare owner. We assist you in working directly with your timeshare developer to work towards an amicable exit resolution. 

Is a InnSeason Resorts Timeshare Cancellation the same as a Timeshare Exit?

No. A timeshare cancellation is the legal termination of timeshare contract that is allowed during the rescission period of your agreement.  The rescission period can vary by state. A timeshare exit is a resolution towards terminating your timeshare after your rescission period has expired.  We are experts in both.

Why are so many people wanting to exit their timeshare contract?

The simple answer is the ongoing developer misrepresentations, unethical sales practices and fraudulent activity that seems to plague much of the timeshare industry at large. Rising maintenance fees and lack of booking availability are other contributing factors. Rather than make positive changes to their business model to ensure fair treatment of the consumer, they seem more content in continuing their unscrupulous practices leaving little to no advocacy available for the timeshare owner.


This is no better illustrated than in a 2017 study conducted by Dr Amy Gregory on “The Effects of Buyer Regret on Rescission: Recognizing, Revealing and Rectifying Regret”.  According to her study, the average timeshare rescission rate is 15%, while an astronomical 85% of all buyers regretted their timeshare purchase citing reasons like confusion, intimidation, distrust and other reasons.


Once the rescission period expires, a timeshare owner is trapped into their timeshare FOR LIFE.  Most timeshares have perpetuity clauses written into their contracts, which unfortunately handcuffs the consumer with no legals means to terminate their contract. In other words, no fair advocacy for the consumer. This means the financial burden of the timeshare will inevitably transfer to an owner’s heirs via their estate.

How does our Timeshare Exit company work?

As the preeminent timeshare exit company in the nation, we offer a service in which we pledge to resolve the owner from their timeshare ownership without any further obligations to the resort or management company. Our free exit consultation will evaluate your  ownership and then determine an upfront fee for our service. The fees for exiting a timeshare can vary from as low as $2,500 to over $10,000 (depending on your contract).  Once you agree to partner with us as your exit company of choice, we endeavor to reach out to the resort or timeshare company on behalf of you in order to find the best way to terminate the contract.

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Developer Misrepresentation
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Developer misrepresentation is not uncommon.  We can help you terminate your timeshare contract if you legitimately feel as though you were taken advantage of by your timeshare developer.

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