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About Timeshare Compliance

Almost 10 million people are timeshare owners, many of whom are still paying off the debt accumulated from timeshare agreements. Fed up, plenty of these owners realize they can no longer bear the burden of the maintenance fees. Resulting, they start looking into the best ways to exit their current timeshare contract. Most of these people are unable to be relieved of this burden without the help of a third party. That’s why we, at Timeshare Compliance, are willing to help you as we’ve helped thousands before! Our team of experts was compiled to help you and rid you of your timeshare obligations at a minimal cost.

Timeshare Compliance is located in Aliso Viejo, California, and has been helping people like you since 2012. We are a specialist in the field, with our experience and success being proven by our service and satisfied customers. From Trustpilot, Timeshare Compliance has received over 250 reviews from past customers who were looking to exit their timeshares. The majority of these reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, displaying our firm commitment to finding clients the easiest, and cheapest ways to exit a timeshare. 

Some examples of past testimonials are as follows:

“We would like to thank everyone we worked with up front and behind the scenes with Timeshare Compliance for helping us get out of our timeshare obligation.”

Cynthia T.

The folks at TSC are straightforward, friendly, professional, efficient, and seemed to really care about us.

Jerry C.

They responded quickly, explained in detail what they could accomplish, did not engage in hype, and made no false promises. Within 9 months (Would’ve been shorter if not for COVID) we were relieved of our Timeshare obligations.”

Richard M.

Hundreds of happy customers have mentioned our ability to release them from their financial burden over numerous review websites. Our loan financing program and option of no up-front fee escrow greatly satisfied clients. In addition, we are accredited by The Better Business Bureau (BBB) who also tell of our longstanding success with an almost perfect 5-star score and over 50 reviews. 

To better understand how we operate, we focus on ways to investigate, advocate, and resolve each case: 

  • We investigate to gain a comprehensive understanding of how we can be the most effective for you. 
    • Our experienced team looks to prepare clients for the process and how to approach the individual case. 
    • Our expert teams are made up of a client specialist, case analyst, coordinator, and case representative
  • These team members will advocate for you and have your best interest when negotiating a way out of your current agreement. 
  • Our ultimate goal is always to resolve any possible difficulty and your contractual timeshare liabilities. 

Costs and fees can vary depending on the case. Regardless of your circumstance, we are happy to discuss any way we can help you find a resolution. This is part of our free consultation. We suggest going to the “Do I Qualify?” section of our website to answer a series of questions to give us a better idea of your situation. Additionally, if you’re wondering what your timeshare is actually costing you, we have created a timeshare calculator for use. 

We hope you put your trust in us to help relieve you of your timeshare obligations as thousands have done before you! Contact us today to see how we can help you exit your current timeshare contract!


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