Minnesota Timeshare Cancellation Laws

Let Timeshare Compliance work on your behalf to cancel your timeshare contract in Minnesota. Our leadership team has more than 50 years in the timeshare industry and we know how to cancel timeshare contracts. Rather than participating in questionable ventures that include donating timeshares, selling timeshares, or listing timeshares, we specialize in canceling timeshare contracts in Minnesota. We use the Minnesota law as a tool force developers into canceling timeshare contracts for our clients in Minnesota.


The law pertaining to timeshares in Minnesota is in Chapter 83, Subdivision 13 of the Minnesota code.


Minnesota Statutes for Timeshare Cancellation


Our team looks at every detail of the contract, and every detail in the Minnesota law, including the Public Offering Statement, at Section 83.24. Since timeshare developers fail to comply with every detail, we have a solid track record of canceling timeshare contracts and we can cancel your timeshare contract, too.


To get started, please contact us at Timeshare Compliance today. We have specialists who are well trained and they can assist you in gathering the information and documentation we will need to cancel your timeshare.


  • One of our senior analysts will review your documentation.
  • We will learn specifically where the timeshare developer violated your rights.
  • Then, our senior analyst will confer with our attorneys to launch a plan of attack.


You will not pay one penny for this analysis. Once we’re in agreement with a plan, we will begin the next step to cancel your timeshare contract in Minnesota.


Do not allow yourself to feel frustrated with unfair timeshare contracts. If you’re tired of paying escalating maintenance fees, or you’re tired of paying for assessments that didn’t have anything to do with you, or you’re tired of being harassed with the developer’s continuous calls for timeshare upgrades, then call timeshare compliance today at 1-800-705-6856. We will work for you to cancel your timeshare contract.

85% Of All Timeshare Buyers Regret their timeshare purchase citing reasons like money, fear, confusion, intimidation, and distrust. Are you one of them?

We can help you eliminate your timeshare and possibly save you thousands in the process.

Were you misrepresented by your developer?

Are your Maintenance Fees constantly increasing?

Were you pressured into your timeshare contract?

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