Kansas Timeshare Cancellation Laws

If you’ve been duped into buying a timeshare in Kansas, and you want to cancel your timeshare contract, then contact Timeshare Compliance today at 1-800-705-6856.


At Timeshare Compliance, our experts understand Kansas law. We rely upon Kansas law to assist our clients who’ve been victimized by unscrupulous timeshare developers. For years, timeshare developers have taken advantage of people my using unethical sales practices and manipulative, high-pressure tactics to dupe people into signing contracts. Our process assists people who want to cancel their timeshare contracts.


Cancel Timeshare in Kansas Law


Under Kansas law, it is illegal for sales people to make misleading or inaccurate statements in advertisements. If you were induced into purchasing a timeshare, Kansas Statute Annotated, title 58-3086 may protect you.



At Timeshare Compliance, we fight to cancel timeshare contracts for our clients in Kansas. Many of those clients describe horrific stories of how they were misled with advertisements or inducements that did not reveal the true intention of the timeshare developer. Unethical or manipulative sales practices are illegal in Kansas, and our experts at Timeshare Compliance can help.


To cancel your timeshare contract in Kansas, take the next step. Contact us so that one of our specialists can assist you in gathering the information necessary for a free assessment of your case. Once we have the timeshare contract, we will understand your development and the sales process. Then, one of our senior analysts will schedule a free consultation with you.


  • To cancel your timeshare contract we will learn what the timeshare seller said during the presentation.To cancel your timeshare contract we will learn how you were misled.
  • To cancel your timeshare contract we will understand how the timeshare developer has levied maintenance fees that you didn’t understand.
  • To cancel your timeshare contract we will gather information about assessment fees.
  • To cancel your timeshare contract we will learn how the timeshare developer has saddled your family or estate with exposure to ongoing fees.
  • To cancel your timeshare contract we will learn how the timeshare developer has failed to live up to your expectations.


Get started in canceling your timeshare contract by contacting us at Timeshare Compliance. Our attorneys will cancel your timeshare contract.

How to cancel my timeshare in Kansas


Developer misrepresentation is not uncommon.  We can help timeshare owners resolve their timeshare contracts if they legitimately feel as though they were taken advantage of by their developer for any of the following reasons:

Developer Misrepresentation
Rising Maintenance Fees
High-Pressure Sales Tactics
Can’t Find Any Available Dates


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