California Timeshare Cancellation Laws

When it comes to canceling a timeshare contract in California, the laws are quite specific. Our team at Timeshare Compliance understand those laws. That’s why we’re so effective at canceling timeshare contracts for residents of the Golden State.


If you’re a resident of California and you’ve been manipulated into a contract with a timeshare developer, then it’s imperative that you know your rights. Understand that you have an absolute right to cancel a timeshare in California—provided that you adhere to the specific procedures codified in the California Business and Professions Code, Statute 11238.


California Timeshare Foreclosure and Right to Cancel Laws (

California Code, Business and Professions Code – BPC § 11238 (

The Vacation Ownership and Time-share Act of 2004 (

The California Anti-Deficiency Statute: Is It Ever Possible to Recover on a Deficiency Balance? (


Those laws can protect timeshare owners. But as many of our clients have discovered, timeshare developers are notorious for violating statutes that protect consumers.


If Aliso Viejo is too far, we walk our clients through the process over the telephone or through a webinar. In some cases, our analysts will travel to a client’s home to make sure everything is in order.


We understand how burdensome a timeshare contract can be to our clients. Those contracts bring relentless pressures, escalating fees for maintenance, and special assessments. If you want to cancel all obligations under an unethical timeshare contract, then our experts at Timeshare Compliance want to help you.


Contact us today at 1-800-705-6856. We will guide you through the pertinent statutes and codes. We force developers to comply with all California timeshare laws. By knowing those laws intimately, our experts at Timeshare Compliance succeed in canceling timeshare contracts. Contact us today so we can apply those laws to cancel your timeshare contract.

How to cancel my timeshare in California
how to cancel my timeshare


Developer Misrepresentation
Unethical Sales Practices
High-Pressure Sales Tactics
No Reservation Dates Available

Developer misrepresentation is not uncommon.  We can help you terminate your timeshare contract if you legitimately feel as though you were taken advantage of by your timeshare developer.

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