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Oregon Timeshare Cancellation

When clients from Oregon contact Timeshare Compliance about canceling their timeshare contracts, we point them in the direction of Oregon laws. Legislators in Oregon recognize that many timeshare developers take advantage of consumers. They’ve passed a body of laws, under Title 94, Section 813 through Section 989 that pertains to all timeshare contracts. See the law:

Law to Cancel Timeshare Contracts

In Oregon, someone who purchases a timeshare has an absolute right to cancel the contract, provided the individual acts within the timeframe of the law. Oregon Revised Statute 94, Section 836(1) holds that individuals can cancel the timeshare contract within five calendar days. Sometimes, developers fail to provide timeshare owners with the appropriate address to cancel the timeshare contract. If that’s the case, the five-day cancellation period doesn’t begin to count until the timeshare developer provides the address.

For Oregon residents who want to cancel their timeshare contracts after the five-day period has passed, Timeshare Compliance relies upon other laws within the Oregon code. For example, Oregon has passed laws that govern how timeshare developers can advertise (see Title 94.976) and other laws that govern disclosures (See title 94.974). At Timeshare Compliance, we’re experts at finding the details that result in the cancellation of timeshare contracts for our clients.

If you want to cancel your timeshare contract in Oregon, contact us at 1-800-705-6856. You will speak with one of our specialists. We will listen to every aspect of your timeshare purchase, including how the timeshare developer lured you into a presentation. Then, we will ask that you send us the pertinent documentation. One of our senior analysts will review your timeshare contract. Our team will brainstorm on the best possible course of action to take. We will then hold a free consultation with you to let you know what we’ve learned. If you would like to proceed, we will move forward with our attorneys to cancel your timeshare contract.

Contact our specialists at Timeshare Compliance today: 1-800-705-6856.

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