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Nevada Timeshare Cancellation

If you want to cancel a timeshare contract in Nevada, then you need the expertise of Timeshare Compliance. Our professional staff has a combined experience of more than 50 years in the timeshare industry and we know what it takes to cancel timeshare contracts. We use the Nevada law as a resource for you.

In Nevada, legislators have passed laws that can protect you against unethical misrepresentations by the timeshare industry. Although they may appear overwhelming, you can find the appropriate laws in Chapter 119 of the Nevada Revised Code.

Use the Law To Cancel Timeshare Contracts

The good news for you is that our experts at Timeshare Compliance know how to use those legislative laws and all provisions to force the hand of developers. Rather than comply with all of our demands at Timeshare Compliance, they will cancel timeshare contracts for our clients.

You can get started by calling Timeshare Compliance at 1-800-705-6856. One of our specialists will work with you to gather the information and documentation we need to assess how the timeshare developer exploited you. Once we have all of the disclosures, one of our senior analysts will review your case file to determine the best possible option. The senior analyst will schedule a call with you to go over the violations that occurred and put the developer out of compliance with the law. If you’re in agreement, our team at Timeshare Compliance will go to work for you as a consumer advocate.

Nevada laws entitle some of our clients to a full refund when we cancel their timeshare contracts. Act quickly, because time is of the essence when it comes to forcing timeshare developers to refund money. Timeshare Compliance would like to begin working for you.

Get started on canceling your timeshare contract today! Call to speak about canceling your contract with one of our specialists at Timeshare Compliance: 1-800-705-6856.

Nevada Timeshare Cancelation Qualification

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