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Nebraska Timeshare Cancellation

Burned by a timeshare in Nebraska? Then contact Timeshare Compliance to cancel your timeshare contract.

We assist people who were inadvertently trapped into purchasing a Nebraska Timeshare. They may have been vacationing, with their defenses down. They may have received a flyer in the mail, or an invitation for a supposed free gift. High-pressure tactics of a timeshare developer manipulated our clients. Then, they signed papers on impulse, not knowing what troubles would follow.

Laws to Cancel Timeshare Contract
At Timeshare Compliance, we use Nebraska laws against timeshare developers who have victimized our clients. Those laws are codified in Chapter 76 of the Nebraska Legislature’s Revised Statutes. We pay close attention to Chapter 76, Section 1701 and all of the independent parts that make up the Nebraska Time-Share Act. We use this Act to cancel timeshare contracts for our clients in Nebraska.

The laws in Nebraska can favor people who want to cancel a timeshare contract, provided you work within the framework. Timeshare developers will resist efforts to cancel timeshare contracts, but at Timeshare Compliance, we’re confident that we can use the law to succeed in canceling your timeshare contract.

We look at every responsibility a timeshare developer has to comply with the law. We begin with the public offering statement that makes specific requirements of the timeshare developer. If the developer hasn’t complied, our experts at Timeshare Compliance will use that error to cancel your timeshare contract in accordance with Nebraska Revised Statute, Section 76-1713

Besides canceling timeshare contracts in Nebraska, sometimes we can compel the timeshare developer to give a full refund to our clients—provided certain conditions are met. The Nebraska law articulates those conditions in Chapter 76, Section 1716 (3). Please contact us at Timeshare Compliance immediately to see if you qualify for a refund when we move to cancel your timeshare contract.

Do not allow an unscrupulous timeshare developer to take advantage of you. If you want help in exiting your timeshare contract, call 1-800-705-6856 and we will start working today to cancel your timeshare contract. Doing so will set you on the path to free yourself from any more harassment from the timeshare industry.

Get started on canceling your timeshare contract today! Call to speak about canceling your contract with one of our specialists at Timeshare Compliance: 1-800-705-6856.

Nebraska Timeshare Cancelation Qualification

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