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Kentucky Timeshare Cancellation

If you want to cancel your timeshare in Kentucky, then you’ve got to become familiar with the Consumer Protection Act. The Consumer Protection Act offers a number of sections that apply to those who want to cancel timeshare contracts. In Kentucky, timeshare developers frequently use manipulative techniques in violation of the Consumer Protection Act to lure people into timeshare presentations. At Timeshare Compliance, we help our clients understand the law and assist them when they’re ready to cancel timeshare contracts.

Consumer Protection Act – Kentucky

Anyone with a timeshare in Kentucky must understand how this consumer protection act can restore rights and put an end to expensive, wasteful, timeshare nightmares.

All people who purchase a timeshare in Kentucky have a right to cancel that contract—provided they are in compliance with the rules. Timeshare sellers must refund all payments made on the timeshare at the time of the timeshare cancellation, provided the timeshare cancellation order complies with Kentucky’s Law:

Cancel Timeshare Contract in Kentucky

Revised Statutes Annotated, Statutes 367.397, and 201 KAR 11:180.

The laws in Kentucky that govern canceling timeshare contracts are very specific, and our experts at Timeshare Compliance can help. If you’re tired of being burdened with escalating maintenance fees, or if you no longer want to be subjected to fees for special assessments on your timeshare, then take the next step to cancel your timeshare contract.

Contact us at 1-800-705-6856. A Timeshare Compliance specialist will work with you to gather the information we need to cancel your timeshare. We will figure out everything we need to know about the developer. Specifically:

  • We want to know about deceptive, or high-pressure sales tactics.
  • We want to know how the timeshare seller misrepresented what you would be receiving.
  • We want to know how your fees have escalated, or how the timeshare contract has adversely influenced your life.

Once we gather all of the information about the unethical sales practice or misrepresentations, one of our senior analysts will schedule a free consultation with you. The more we learn about your predicament, the more powerful case we can build against the timeshare developer. Once we have a clear understanding and agreement, we can start the process of canceling your timeshare contract.

Get started on canceling your timeshare contract today! Call to speak about canceling your contract with one of our specialists at Timeshare Compliance: 1-800-705-6856.

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