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Iowa Timeshare Cancellation

Do you want to cancel your timeshare contract in Iowa? Fortunately, Iowa legislators have passed laws that are on your side.

At Timeshare Compliance, we’re here to help. We’re an advocacy group and we specialize in canceling timeshare contracts. Our process is simple. We use the law in each state that allows us to fight for our clients.

Canceling Timeshare Contracts in Iowa:

For those who want to cancel timeshare contracts in Iowa, the appropriate law is found Chapter 55 of the Iowa Code. The law is called the Iowa Time-Share Act. This is a particularly strong piece of legislation that we use to cancel timeshare contracts in Iowa.

Under Iowa law, developers act illegally when they make false or misleading statements. Through our research, we’re able to uncover those inconsistencies. We have a proprietary process that we’ve used successfully to cancel timeshare contracts for our clients who’ve been victimized by developers who relied upon misrepresentations and unethical sales practices.

To get started in canceling your timeshare contract in Iowa, please contact us at 1-800-705-6856 for a free consultation. At no charge to you, our specialist will gather the necessary information we need. Once we have all of the information in hand, a Timeshare Compliance senior analyst will review your case file and hold a free consultation call with you. We’ll get to the bottom of how the timeshare agent misrepresented you. Then, if you’re in agreement, we’ll proceed—using Iowa laws to cancel your timeshare contract.

If you want to stop paying maintenance and assessment fees that you didn’t understand, and if you want to stop those harassing calls from a timeshare developer who is relentless in pressuring you into upgrades, then contact us at Timeshare Compliance today. We’ll get started at once to cancel your timeshare and remove this problem from your life.

Get started on canceling your timeshare contract today! Call to speak about canceling your contract with one of our specialists at Timeshare Compliance: 1-800-705-6856.

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