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Florida Timeshare Cancellation

By understanding Florida statutes and laws pertaining to timeshares, the experts at Timeshare Compliance are uniquely positioned to cancel timeshare contracts for victims who purchased timeshares in Florida. Florida legislature has passed an entire section of code that we use to fight for our clients at Timeshare Compliance. We rely upon the law to cancel timeshare contracts in Florida, and that is why Timeshare Compliance is so successful.

To cancel timeshare contracts in Florida, the Florida legislature codifies timeshare cancellation laws in Title XL, Real and Personal Property. In this extensive section of law, we turn to Chapter 721, which governs Vacation and timeshare Plans. Part I of the law, statutes 721.01 through 721.32 pertains to Vacation plans and timesharing. Part II, statutes 721.50 through 721.58 pertains to Vacation Clubs. Part III, Statutes 721.80-721.86 pertains to foreclosure of Liens on Timeshare Interests. Part IV, Statutes 721.96 through 721.98 pertains to Commissioner of Deeds. See the Florida Statute Annotated Section 721.10,

Florida Statutes to Cancel Timeshare Contracts

By understanding every aspect of those laws, experts at Timeshare Compliance are uniquely positioned to fight for you. If you want to cancel a timeshare contract in Florida, then call 1-800-705-6856. We have specialists on staff at Timeshare Compliance who will work with you to gather the appropriate information. Once we have the necessary information, one of our senior analysts who specializes in canceling timeshare contracts in Florida will review your file. You will not pay a penny for this free consultation. Once our analysts determine the appropriate action to take, we will lay out a plan for you and then launch our aggressive, proprietary action to cancel your timeshare contract.

At Timeshare Compliance, we operate in a completely transparent manner.Contact us today and let us get to work on canceling the timeshare contract that you purchased in Florida. The professional team at Timeshare Compliance is licensed to work in all 50 states, but we’ve been especially successful at canceling timeshares in Florida.

Get started on canceling your timeshare contract today! Call to speak about canceling your contract with one of our specialists at Timeshare Compliance: 1-800-705-6856.

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