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Arkansas Timeshare Cancellation

People who want to cancel timeshare contracts purchased in Arkansas should contact Timeshare Compliance immediately. Our team knows the law about canceling contracts in Arizona. We’ve studied the Arkansas Code Annotated. Specifically, our attorneys know what timeshare developers do not want timeshare owners to know. We know how judges interpret Ark. Code Ann. Section 18, Chapter 14, at paragraphs 409(a)(1) and Section 404. With that insight, we can aggressively go after developers who have victimized timeshare owners in Arkansas.

If purchased a timeshare contract in Arkansas and you want to cancel your timeshare contract, then contact our specialists today 1-800-705-6856. We will gather the information we need to cancel your timeshare contract. Then, one of our analysts will continue our 100% free consultation. We will explain your rights in how to cancel a timeshare purchase in Arkansas. The law provides that you can cancel your timeshare contract, but you must follow specific procedures that are codified in the Ark. Code Ann Section 18-14-409(a)(2).

See the Arkansas Time-Share Act

At Timeshare Compliance, we work to restore justice by canceling timeshare contracts that victimize our clients who purchased timeshares in Arkansas.

Timeshare Developers know the expertise of the attorneys who work with Timeshare Compliance. They may put up a fight, but we have an exceptional track record when it comes to canceling timeshare contracts in Arkansas. Again, we adhere to the Arkansas law, at Section 18-14-409(c). This insight puts developers who sold timeshares in Arkansas on weak ground. That law may require timeshare developers to release funds to the clients we serve.

Our team of specialists, analysts, and attorneys will work diligently to restore your rights and to cancel your timeshare contract. If the cancellation period and statute of limitations for a lawsuit have already passed, our experts have other options to cancel your timeshare contract. We have more than 50 years of combined experience in the timeshare industry. We will explain your options and we will use our expertise to dispose of your timeshare contract.

Get started now by contacting Timeshare Compliance at 1-800-705-6856.

Arkansas Timeshare Cancelation Qualification

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