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What is a timeshare exit company?

A timeshare exit company is an intermediary between you and your timeshare developer to help you exit your current timeshare agreement. Their goal is to assemble an expert team to relinquish you of your timeshare should it now be more of a burden to you with its strenuous maintenance fees. Third parties such as timeshare exit teams are one of the most efficient ways for timeshare owners to exit their current membership agreements. Additionally, this option tends to save owners precious time, energy, and money instead of dealing with any difficult timeshare exit companies with the hope to keep you paying their fees. Each case and timeshare exit company will be different so it’s important to ensure you’re selecting a reliable company with verified testimonials from reputable websites such as The Better Business Bureau and

What should I consider the most when selecting a timeshare exit company like Timeshare Compliance?

There are many factors that contribute to what makes a great timeshare exit company. The best information for knowing which timeshare exit company will work well for you often comes from past client testimonials. Past customers of a company will be the most informed on the experience and service that will be provided to you. We recognize that each experience will be different according to the individual but positive testimonials are a great indication of a good company. This is why sticking to reputable review sites is so important. Websites that review all types of businesses, timeshare exit companies included, with hundreds or thousands of reviews will often provide the full picture and spectrum of reviews. The more positive, recent reviews there are, we can gather that the timeshare exit company will be more reliable. Additionally, seeing that the business is accredited by the The Better Business Bureau is a good way to ensure that the company you’re talking to is not a scam. 

How can I be sure that I’m choosing the right timeshare exit company that isn’t a scam?

Identifying a potential scam for timeshare exit can be difficult! Timeshare Compliance is a reputable company that is often mimicked by fraudulent companies that don’t always follow through on their promises. We want to ensure that even if you don’t choose Timeshare Compliance as your timeshare exit company, you’re still using one that can be trusted. We have put together a few ways to determine whether the website is a scam. Do they have multiple reviews from reliable sites such as The Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Trustpilot that are positive?

  • BBB identifies companies in operation. Better/more reliable companies will usually be accredited by BBB and have numerous positive reviews to back it up.
  • Businesses can register with Trustpilot to give past clients a platform to express their experiences with the respective company. Legitimate businesses will take advantage of this opportunity to attract more potential clients.

Are the reviews for the company current?

  • Do they offer Escrow or money back guarantee in writing? 
    • A legally binding obligation with the promise to help you exit your timeshare is a great way to protect yourself against empty promises.
  • If they ask for significant up front fees, this could be a cause for concern

A general rule of thumb is to choose a third party such as Timeshare Compliance where you can be absolutely positive that there will not be any fraudulent activity.

How much should my timeshare exit plan cost?

Every case will be different according to the individual. There are numerous factors that go into a price estimate and what each timeshare exit process looks like. Consultations should be free so you do not have to commit to paying for anything you are uncertain about. Ultimately, this will save timeshare owners far more in the long run due to their relieved burden to paying maintenance fees. The sooner you exit your timeshare, the more money you will save. 

How long does the timeshare exit process usually take?

Since every case is different, there is no definitive amount of time that the timeshare exit process will take. Each circumstance will have its own contributing factors to the timeframe. Regardless, the timeshare relief process should take no more than 24 months but often takes far less time. COVID-19 has also upped the unpredictability factor with how long a timeshare exit will typically take.