Our Timeshare Exit Process

A Proven Process of Timeshare Resolution Success.

Investigate. Advocate. Resolve.

First and foremost, our services are not free and we do not offer any guarantee. However, what we do offer is experience, unparalleled customer service and a proven timeshare resolution process that has allowed thousands of timeshare owners to successfully exit their unwanted timeshare contract.

Understanding our process and setting expectations.

How to exit your timeshare the TSC way!

Specialist Call: Booking of Appointment

Your first correspondence with Timeshare Compliance will involve a call from one of our friendly timeshare exit specialists. This initial call will be to gather basic information regarding your timeshare contract, and to ask qualifying questions to determine if we have a viable case to eliminate your timeshare contract. If it is determined that a plausible contract resolution can be made, the specialist will schedule an appointment with one of our Analysts.


Analyst Call: Qualification Process

Your scheduled call with one of our courteous Analysts will dive deeper into your contract liabilities, analyzing your situation and discussing your contract resolution options. As everyone’s case is unique in nature, the Analyst will explain an exit strategy based on your circumstances and contractual obligations. Once you are accepted as a qualified candidate, and agree to our terms and conditions in writing, you will be introduced to our Accounting department.


Client Services and Case Management

Once we have a written agreement in place, a friendly Client Services representative will give you welcome call to ensure that all required documentation is uploaded to our Client Portal and process payment for our services. The Client Services department will be your main point of contact throughout the case resolution journey, and will guide you through the necessary steps to ensure a speedy and successful timeshare exit resolution.


Voila! A Successful Timeshare Resolution

Bring out the bubbly it’s time to celebrate, because after much deliberation and frustration, we welcome you to “CLUB FREEDOM” and a successful timeshare contract resolution.


Were you misrepresented by your timeshare developer?

Are your timeshare maintenance fees constantly increasing?

Do you feel as though you pressured into your timeshare contract?

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