Massachusetts Timeshare Cancellation Laws

If you want to cancel your timeshare contract in Massachusetts, the law protects you. At Timeshare Compliance, we assist clients who want to cancel timeshare contracts. Our clients suffered because the timeshare developer misrepresented them. Fortunately, we know how to use Massachusetts laws to cancel timeshare contracts for our clients.


The appropriate legal citations are found in the Massachusetts General Laws, Part II, which apply to real and personal property and domestic relations. Title I applies to to Real Property, and Chapter 183B applies to Time Shares.


Real Estate Time-Share Act


At Timeshare Compliance, we learn more about our clients by adhering to our proprietary process. Contact one of our specialists by calling 1-800-705-6856. Our specialist will ask a series of questions to get a better understanding of your case. We want to know how the timeshare developer victimized or manipulated you into signing the agreement.


Since our leadership team has more than 50 years of combined experience in the timeshare industry, they’re intimately familiar with the unethical sales practices that timeshare developers use. In fact, it was their disgust with such practices that led them to form Timeshare Compliance, as consumer advocates.


  • Our specialists will want to know how you heard about the timeshare.
  • We will want to know how the seller misrepresented you.
  • We will want to know whether the timeshare seller pressured you during the presentation.
  • We will want to know whether the timeshare seller has harassed you with calls for upgrades.
  • We will want to know if the timeshare failed to make your unit available to you.
  • We will want to know if the timeshare developer has raised your maintenance fees.
  • We will want to know if the timeshare developer imposed assessment fees that you did not understand.


The more we know about the way you’ve been misled, the stronger we can make your case as we pressure the developer into canceling your timeshare contract.

We can help you with a successful timeshare exit strategy and legally cancel your Timeshare contract!

Have peace of mind knowing that an experienced team of timeshare resolution experts are ready to assist you with a legal timeshare exit plan.

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