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Our clients frequently tell us that they want to cancel the timeshare contract because their schedules no longer allow them to use the timeshare. They find that the timeshare is not available during the time that our clients want to use it. Or their family structure has changed, and they need a different type of accommodation.

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85% of all timeshare buyers regret their purchase, citing reasons including money, fear and confusion, intimidation, and distrust.

After reading an article in the AARP monthly, I realized how badly we’d been burned. Thankfully, Timeshare Compliance canceled our contract. We’re glad that we don’t have this problem on our hands, and we’re glad that we won’t be passing along the problem of a timeshare along to our children. Now that the developer cancelled our timeshare contract, we’re happy to write this endorsement for Timeshare Compliance.

Jane from Sonoma

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