Timeshare Exit Attorney

Do we use Attorneys?

Yes, we absolutely do. We have a team of seasoned legal professionals that advocate on your behalf.

Is it legal to exit your Timeshare Contract?

In short, yes it is legal to exit your timeshare contract, but only under specific circumstances. The main conditions are if you were misrepresented by your developer, or if you were pressured into a timeshare contract.

Can an attorney help you with a timeshare exit resolution?

Timeshare resorts prefer that you to contact them if you wish exit your timeshare contract. However, many resort companies may use persuasion tactics to inform timeshare owners that there is no legal way out of a contract. More often than not, timeshare developers want you to think that the only option is to continue to comply with the terms of the contract. In our experience, many timeshare owners have tried this approach and been unsuccessful at exiting their timeshare agreements.


If you have contacted your timeshare developer, and they have not presented any viable solutions for an exit, you may want to consider our services. Our proven legal process, using one of our timeshare exit lawyers, can help you exit your timeshare contract.


Laws surrounding timeshare exits often vary based on the location of the resort, and our team of legal experts are more knowledgeable of these laws. Using one of our attorneys can help facilitate your contract exit by negotiating a deal that is most likely amicable with the timeshare developer.

Can you cancel a timeshare without a attorney?

Yes, you can, but your level of success in exiting your timeshare contract will depend on how receptive your timeshare developer is to your request, and your persistence in pursuing the matter further.


However, some resorts will try their best to keep you paying your maintenance fees. This is where our timeshare resolutions services come in. Timeshare Compliance, along with our team of experienced lawyers, will immediately communicate with your resort developer on your behalf.

How much do timeshare exit attorneys cost?

The cost of using our services varies depending on the situation surrounding your timeshare ownership. Once we have qualified you as a viable candidate, by understanding your situation and examining the details of your timeshare contract, we will immediately inform you our the cost. Our consultations are free and you are under no obligation to use our services.

How to choose a timeshare exit attorney:

1. Find an experienced team that specializes in legal Timeshare Exit strategies
Companies, such as ours, that specialize in timeshare exit resolutions and consumer protection, would typically have experience in negotiating with timeshare developers. Their expertise will help them identify the best course of action to take to get you out of your contract liabilities.


2. Check the legal firm’s track record
Inquire about their success rate in getting their clients out of their timeshare contracts. When exploring timeshare exit companies, you may also check their partner law firm. Visit the Better Business Bureau page of both companies to check their BBB ratings. View our BBB Rating here. You can also look for online reviews about the firm to learn about other people’s experiences in working with them. Read our reviews here.


3. Inquire about the price of their timeshare exit fees
The point of exiting your timeshare contract is to stop paying high fees. Therefore, it is important that you inform the exit company of your budget, or any financial constraints.


Be aware of timeshare exit companies that tell you to stop paying your maintenance fees and other financial obligations stated in your contract, as this practice is illegal.


4. Take the first step with the FREE consultation
A “free consultation” service is the first step to finding out if they are a good fit for your needs. We are offer a free, no obligation consultation to see if you qualify for our services. A simple consultation will help us learn more about your situation, the terms of your contract and liabilities, and determine if we will be a good fit for you.

Do you feel as though you were misrepresented by your timeshare developer by way of misleading or high pressure sales tactics?

We can assist you with a legal timeshare exit strategy and cancel your timeshare contract.

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