Timeshare Resolution Services

We work on your behalf if your timeshare developer or timeshare sales representative:

  • used deceptive marketing tactics to lure you into a presentation.
  • used high-pressure sales manipulations during the presentation.
  • misrepresented what you would receive from your timeshare in any way.
  • suggested your timeshare was a real estate purchase.
  • indicated that your timeshare was an investment opportunity.
  • did not fully explain maintenance costs.
  • did not fully explain your exposure to assessment fees.
  • did not fully explain how you would receive harassing calls for upgrades.
  • did not fully explain the finance terms.
  • did not fully explain that your timeshare would incur ongoing liabilities.
  • misled you into believing you could sell your timeshare contract.

“My attorney said he couldn’t do anything about our timeshare nightmare. Since we signed or initialed every page of the contract, he said that we were stuck. But he was wrong! I called Timeshare Compliance after I saw their television commercial. I didn’t have much hope when I called, but the specialist impressed my wife and me. We signed up. Seven months later, my developer agreed to exit the contract. I recommend Timeshare Compliance if you’re stuck in a timeshare that doesn’t make sense.”

–  George (Seattle)

Do you want to exit your timeshare contract?

Our team of specialists, analysts, and other professionals can help. Developers will exit your timeshare contract legally and permanently.


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