Together, we build safer communities by sponsoring self-advocacy efforts.

Timeshare Compliance is a proud sponsor of the Straight-A Guide Foundation.

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My name is Michael Santos and I’m with the Straight-A Guide Foundation, an IRS-approved nonprofit. (IRS Number, #27-1904346 ). Our team at the Straight-A Guide is incredibly grateful for the generous sponsorship of Timeshare Compliance. Their continuing support allows us to make a difference in society, helping people in need.

As a direct result of sponsorship from Timeshare Compliance, we’re able to contribute to building safer communities. We create courses and content that teach concepts of self-advocacy for anyone in struggle. We provide employment and publish literature to help others.

For the first ten years of the Straight-A Guide’s existence, we’ve worked to both teach and inspire people in prison and people that have recently been released from prison. Thanks to our generous sponsors, we reach more than 100,000 people every year. And we’re growing!

Recently, our nonprofit has been building partnerships within the corporate sector by creating self-advocacy programs. Our work would not be possible without the generous sponsorship from Timeshare Compliance. Because of their contributions, we’re able to provide employment, and help consumers that want to help themselves by using our self-advocacy programs.

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I personally want to thank Timeshare Compliance for sponsoring the Straight-A Guide Foundation.


Michael Santos
Program Director,
Straight-A Guide


U.S. Dept. of Justice

U.S. District Court of Arizona

Robina Institute 

Stanford Law School

Straight-A Guide WADOC

UC Hastings Law Review

Anti Recidivism Coalition

California DOC

UC Hastings Law School

PBS NewsHour

NBC News

Orange County Register

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