Your Timeshare Contract

Here’s what to expect once you get started with Timeshare Compliance.

Who Is On YOUR Team?

Consider this your timeshare exit dream team, working together to resolve your timeshare contract.

client specialist

Client Specialist

Kicks off the process by conducting a survey with you regarding your timeshare contract.

case analyst

Case Analyst

Reviews and evaluates your case file and prepares resolution options for you to choose from.



Walks you through the credit restoration and monitoring process, should you opt-in.

case representative

Case Representative

Conducts the internal review of your files and documentation and prepares your case for your attorney.

What Is The PROCESS?

Step 1


Our client specialist will ask you questions about your timeshare contract, preparing a file for the case analyst to review and evaluate. Your case analyst will then contact you with options for the resolution of your timeshare contract.

Step 2


Your case analyst will send you a service agreement that officially kicks off the resolution process – allowing our team of legal experts to begin to build your case strategy.

Should you opt-in for credit restoration and monitoring, your coordinator will contact you to walk you through the process.

Once your signed contract and processing fees are collected, you will receive a call from the Timeshare Compliance welcome department – formally welcoming you and outlining any further documentation required to proceed with your case.

Your completed case file and documentation will be given to your case representative, who will initiate an internal review outlining the merits of your case. Once the internal review is complete, your case will be sent to your attorney.

board meeting
Step 3


Finally, once your case is resolved, you will receive a letter that officially relieves you of all further liability regarding your timeshare contract.

finish line

Why Should You TRUST Us?

We know the last thing you want is another scam.
Don’t just take our word for it – our happy clients speak for themselves.

“They were courteous and understanding.”

I cannot thank Timeshare Compliance enough for working diligently to get me and my daughter out of our timeshare obligation. They were courteous and so very understanding of our situation. I would say to anyone who is trapped in a timeshare, to contact Time Share Compliance for guidance. You will be glad that you did. A jewel.

Ruby W.

“You can trust these people, they know what they are doing.”

I didn’t want to inherit my parents timeshares (it’s really a debt/expense to own). I told this nicely to my parents and Timeshare Compliance got it taken care of exactly like they said they would. My parents are very happy and so am I, thank you!!! You can trust these people, they know what they are doing 🙂

Francis H.

“Timeshare Compliance actually delivered…”

Timeshare actually delivered what they said they would do. I am so glad that they fought and won my case. The resort I was contracted with was big and bad, therefore you had to get a company like TSC to match them with everything necessary to fight and snatch you out of their grip. I am so glad I AM FREE!!!


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